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Convenor: Shirley Olliver
This subcommittee strives to promote and perpetuate Anglo-Indian culture.

  • JoyGasper
  • Errol James
  • Gwen Lewis

This subcommittee with the help of other members, search through old Executive Committee Files & records and bring to light gems of the Association, old but forever new and record it in a way that will exemplify the wisdom, love and devotion that is the Association. This will be in an easy readable form, which will also be a record for posterity.
3 Issues, in the series,  have so far been circulated to all EC Members:
  1. Name of the Association
  2. Geneology of the Executive Committee from 1988 - 2004/2005.
  3. Excerpt from Executive Committee meeting of Monday 7.8.95 - 6.00pm at Association House.
(If a member would like copies of any of  the above, please email your request to the Association by clicking here)