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Media - Anglo-Indians on Air

Cessation of Broadcasting

We communicated a decision to cease broadcasting on radio effect 31 October 2015 based on feedback and review of the value this service was providing to our members.  During 2015 our EC have been reviewing the services offered to members to ensure that we are putting the greatest effort in to areas that most members benefit.  In May 2015, all members were asked to provide feedback on our Anglo Indians on Air Radio programs.  This was so that as an Association we would understand how many of our members listen in to this service. 

334 surveys were issued and members were given the opportunity to complete the survey on line via the website or as a paper copy.  Initial response rate was extremely poor with only 33 members responding as requested by the stated deadline of 30 June 2015. As an Executive Committee it was agreed that there were insufficient responses to derive any meaningful feedback and the survey was left open so members had more opportunity to provide their views. 

Survey Summary

Overall Member Engagement Score

Based on the responses received as at the end of July 2015, the overall Member engagement in this survey is 31% (Raw value 30.83%).  While this is an improvement on the initial review of feedback received as at the end of June 2015 (approx. 10%), this is still quite disappointing.


While the feedback provided in the survey responses were generally positive, the response rate and results seem to indicate that at best we are reaching 31% of our overall membership base via Radio throughout the course of year.   Of the 31% of respondents, the indication is that the percentage of regular weekly listeners from the membership is lower still, with less than one third of the respondents indicating that they listen in every week.  Taking into account the responses where people indicated they do listen in weekly, twice a month or monthly, results indicate there are only 16% of our members that tune in.

This was quite disappointing considering 93% of respondents indicated they did know we broadcast on radio.

While there had anecdotally been feedback over time about our broadcasts being on the wrong day or time of day, the survey did not highlight this as a major issue with only 7.76% of respondents indicating this was an issue.  Additionally while it was by a small margin, the feedback also indicated that the music rather than news of our Association was the main reason for tuning in to the shows.

Based on the survey results, the Convenor, Natalie McCarthy presented this information to our Association Executive Committee with a recommendation that we cease radio broadcasting as a communication mechanism on the basis that we are not reaching the majority of our members via this channel.  Having given the entire membership the opportunity to let us know about their listening habits regarding our broadcasts, you have told us that by majority it is not a service you use and that has been the driver for this decision.

At the Executive Committee planning meeting on the 20th of August 2015, the EC voted in favour of my recommendation to end broadcasting on radio.  It was also at this session that a final date of Saturday 31st October 2015 was selected.  This date was selected both as means to reduce on going expense on an avenue that was not being well utilised as well as to provide 6EBA with ample notice to secure alternative programming.

Convenor: Natalie McCarthy
The Australian Anglo Indian Association Radio Program has been in existence for the past 20 years and broadcast's from the studios of 6EBA-FM on 95.3 MHz every Saturday from noon to 1.00pm. Listeners around the world can also tune in via the 6EBA website www.6eba.com.au

The programme allows The Australian Anglo Indian Association to share with its many listeners news of the Association, our ethos, our objectives, culture and love of music.

Presented by a few volunteers, we cover a very wide range of issues and some interesting topics.  Basically it is a family program, a magazine style which is extremely popular not only amongst the Anglo Indian population in Perth's but the wider ethnic communities in Western Australia and indeed the world.


Many people actually ring in with birthday request and dedications from all over the world .


The one hour programme each week has five volunteer teams who present the various programmes.

Anything Goes music caters for all the young in our community and is presented by Natalie McCarthy, Gwen Lewis and Ron Lewis.

Memories is targeted at the mature members of our community and is presented by Errol James.  Errol is supported by Alberta Janes.

Jazz,  Blues & Ballads caters for all jazz enthusiasts and is presented by Doug Noel, Isabel Noel & Roland Rosario.
Rocking & Rolling is for all those rock and roll music lovers and is presented by Natalie McCarthy and Valerie McDougall.
Country Music is for all the country and western music fans and is presented by Roland Rosario, Gordon Thomas & Cheryl Barrett.

We have interviewed many dignitaries and guests from all walks of life and many of our own Anglo Indians who visit Perth from time to time, like Sir Cliff Richard, Paul McCartney, Julio Inglesias, Marie Wilson and Anne Marie Carpenter to name a few!

Please keep in touch and if you wish to know any further details you may email the broadcast team at anytime via  austangloind@bigpond.com
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