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Neville and Teresa Browne deserve the right to spend the rest of their days with all their children. Neville and Teresa live in Kolkata in India. Their youngest daughter, Rochelle lives with them. Aside from Rochelle, Mum and Dad have four other daughters. All of those daughters live in Perth and are married and each has two children. All of them are also Australian citizens.  Their daughters have a created a petition for Minister Peter Dutton.

The family applied on 30 July 2007 for Parent Visa Sub Class 103 to migrate to Australia. The visa waiting period is 10 years. Now the Immigration department (Border Protection/Home Affairs) has processed the application and denied residency status to the family. That decision has since been affirmed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The reason for the negative decision is that my sister, Rochelle has Down syndrome. The department therefore argues that she will be a “burden to the taxpayer in Australia and have denied visas to all the applicants.

Down Syndrome Western Australia have supported our application and stated the following: “Down syndrome is not an illness and the majority of people with Down syndrome are healthy and active.” Although people with Down syndrome can be more likely to have certain health conditions such as bowel or heart problems, Rochelle appears to be a healthy adult who leads a healthy lifestyle and it could be expected that she would require no more medical treatment than the rest of the population”.

Rochelle will not require health or community care services. She will not be in any fashion, a burden to the taxpayer. However, if we separate the applications and remove Rochelle then she will be left in India quite possibly in a care facility with people she does not know."


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In February 2017, the AAIA Benevolent Fund was dissolved, and all welfare activities were brought under the umbrella of the Australian Anglo Indian Association. A Welfare Sub-Committee of the Australia Anglo Indian Association was also created.

The Welfare Sub-Committee is committed to continuing its work of helping Anglo-Indians in the sub-continent with PENSIONS and food RATIONS for the elderly and needy, EMERGENCY/MEDICAL EXPENSES, ADOPT A FAMILY and EDUCATION for young Anglo-Indian children to be better equipped to compete in the job market. 

Monies from $1 a month scheme, donations and fund raising events are all used for this purpose.

The Welfare Sub-Committee comprises of seven members:

  • Liz Clarence (Convenor)
  • Joy Gasper - Secretary
  • Brian Janes – Finance Officer
  • Alberta Janes
  • Louise Maher
  • Joyce Mathanda
  • Colleen D’Jordan


Following are some of the commitments undertaken by the Welfare Sub-Committee:


  • Becky Gonsalves, a severely disabled young lady whose family is supported by some of our generous members which enables her to have an improved quality of life.

PENSIONS (Regular financial assistance):

  • The Welfare Sub-Committee helps some elderly or sick people with a small pension.

WELFARE (Food Rations and other living expenses):

  • We send funds to Chennai and Kolkata for monthly rations including basics such as rice and oil.

EMERGENCY/MEDICAL EXPENSES: (as need arises) some examples of our emergency/medical assistance are:

  • Funds for a lady who was seriously ill and when she unfortunately passed away, helped with her funeral expenses.
  • A young man who had a motor cycle accident and had exorbitant hospital bills.

EDUCATION: (School fees, books, uniforms etc.)

  • We help a number of children with their education and a few who have been fortunate enough to get into tertiary institutions.
  • A young lady who was helped to complete a Computer Science Course, has on two occasions, donated funds to help others who may need help. This is very uplifting.


1.    COMMIT/CONTINUE with "$1 a month Scheme" - Any extra or increase will be gratefully accepted


2.    DONATIONS - "One-off" and regular donations are greatly appreciated


3.  SUPPORT - Welfare fund raising events

The Welfare Committee gives this assurance to our generous donors:

Every effort is made to ensure that the recipients of your money are kept accountable for the help received.  We constantly review our safeguards and make sure your money goes to the Anglo-Indians on the Sub-Continent who are most in need of our help.