VIII World Anglo-Indian Reunion 2010

Reunion Wrap Up 


The VIII World Anglo-Indian Reunion was held in Perth from the 25th September - 2nd October 2010.  The AAIA was the official host of this event and the positive feedback from the delegates has been overwhelming!  With ten events scheduled over the eight days, there was certainly no shortage of fun to be had!  Take a look at the event event summaries below.  A link to our Reunion photo albums is available at the bottom of this page.


Day 1 – Meet & Greet


The Meet & Greet was the first of the eight day events planned.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day which made it a lovely start to the Reunion.  Perth was full of wild flowers/flowering trees which kept up to the name of Perth being beautiful. 


The Swan River running on the edge of the City was a lovely blue.  The Gloucester Park is one of Perth’s icons and has a prestigious entrance and very well kept grounds.   Flags from the countries of attendees were raised on the flagpoles at Gloucester Park.


The event was opened with a speech from the President of our Association Gordon Maher.  I introduced my dedicated committee who worked well as a team over the past three years.  And finally, a lovely young lady Ashton Cameron sang the Australian National Anthem. 



Bars were open and everyone arriving mingled with excitement and chatter.  Some people meeting friends after many years.   Bernie Lyons our DJ played entertained us with good music for listening and dancing.


We had Reunion shirts, caps and other items on sale. 


We had a buffet dinner of Indian cuisine, desert including the popular Australian Pavalova, coffee and tea.


It was a very exciting start to the VIII World Anglo-Indian Reunion.


Winkie Lord

Convenor - Meet & Greet

Day 2 – Variety Concert


The Concert, which was also the official opening of VIII World Reunion of Anglo-Indians, was a resounding success.  The Premier of Western Australia along with Eric Ripper, the Leader of the Opposition, John Castrilli, Minister for Multicultural Interest, John Kobelke, MLA, Neil O’Brien, Chairman of the Indian School Certificate and Chairman of the Inter-State Board of Anglo-Indian Education, Oscar Nigli, MLA, Tamil Nadu, Jenny Welsh, Vice President of the International Federation of Anglo-Indians, Yolande Heath, President of the National Federation of Anglo-Indians and other heads of Anglo-Indian Associations and Ethnic organisations were present.


The evening was expertly compared by our own Natalie McCarthy and Nigel Bruce.  The event opened with James Webb providing a Noongar welcome, which was followed by a dance and playing of the didgeridoo by the Wadumbah Dance Group.


The Premier then welcomed delegates to Perth. Gordon Maher, President of the Australian Anglo-Indian Association responded.


The AAIA Choir sang the National Anthem and “We Are One Family”, which was the theme of the Reunion.


 Naach WA was introduced next to recognize the land of our birth.  This was followed by Russell John, an Anglo-Indian magician who confounded and amused the audience.


A humorous act followed, which dealt with the challenges Anglo-Indians faced with Australian colloquialisms, expressions and accents when they first arrived in Australia.


The star of the show, Shayne Hyrapiet, was then introduced for the first of two performances and he was an immediate hit. People couldn’t wait for his second appearance.


The Concert then moved onto Anglo-Indian successes in foreign lands and the first of these was Debbie Macintyre and her Combo who performed a list of jazz numbers. This was well received. Samantha Jade who had sung in Australia and in the USA and had written and sung at the highest level was next.  She was sensational.


The next performer was Terry Misra who has become famous for his nostalgic Anglo-Indian songs, such as, ‘Asansol Girl’ and ‘I am Anglo-Indian’. 


He was followed by Tahlia Hunter another sensational Anglo-Indian talent.


As we are living in Australia it was only fitting that we gave the audience some typical bush music and who better to do this than the Mucky Duck Bush Band.  They went down extremely well, especially with our overseas guests.


Gordon Maher and Stanley Gibbs

Convenors - Concert


Day 3 – Swan Valley Wine Tour


The Swan Valley Wine Tour started with a beautiful morning of sunshine.  

After some wine tasting and exploring the grounds of the wineries and indulging in some purchases the buses then crossed over to the other winery. 


On the buses it was a good opportunity to meet new people, creating new friendships and having a sing-a-long including Karaoke.


The next stop was the Margaret River Chocolate Company.  Here we had all three coaches arrive together.  Everyone indulged in sampling chocolate, purchasing ice cream or coffee and the opportunity to purchase from multiple selections of gift wrapped chocolates. 


The chocolate was made on the premises and you had the opportunity to see it being made.     


The final stop was at Whiteman Park.  Upon arrival at Whiteman Park I had a team of helpers who had lunch packs of tasty Indian finger foods and soft drinks/water awaiting the arrival of the buses.  Here everyone relaxed enjoyed their meal, caught up with friends and enjoyed the afternoon.  Some had more energy than others and played a game of cricket. 

Fred Lord

Convenor - Swan Valley Tour


Day 4 – Perth Highlights


The heavens provided us with a beautiful day to travel around our beautiful city of Perth.  Three buses carrying fun loving and highly spirited guests slowly wound their way through the city and King’s Park before making their way to Caversham Wildlife Park. Here we learnt about our native animals and had the opportunity of taking photographs with some of them.


The buses then took us to our Association Cultural Centre in Padbury where we enjoyed a delicious Anglo-Indian lunch of “Calcutta style” sausage curry and rice followed by mango kulfi.


The day finished off with a session of bush dancing with Phil to work off the lunch and maintain the Aussie theme.  A bunch of very tired, yet satisfied guests then boarded the buses to head back to their various destinations.


Joy Gasper

Convenor - Perth Highlights

Day 5 – Jam Session


It was "party time" for all who attended the afternoon Jam Session at the Vasto Club.   


The hall was very colourful and there was much excitement in the air as attendees danced to the music provided by the ever popular band "Mustangs" whilst others chatted over drinks and reminisced about the "good old days".


The delicious Indian food was catered for by the award winning restaurant "Kohinoor" and added entertainment provided by India’s idol and entertainer Shane Hyrapiet, popular interstate country & western singer Terry Misra and our very own local band led by non other than our President Gordon Maher – it was indeed one great Anglo-Indian Jam Session party!


Doug & Isabel Noel

Convenors - Jam Session

Day 6 - Symposium


At the VIII World Anglo-Indian Symposium, the Australian Anglo-Indian Association through its President, Gordon Maher, proposed the following,


“We, the global community of Anglo-Indians propose that a sustainable project be investigated which will give Anglo-Indians employment.  Any profits from the business will be reinvested in other projects, similar or different, but ones which will provide employment for Anglo-Indians and profits for future businesses.  The Management Committee will be made up of International Federation members and those who contribute $5,000 or more towards the scheme, with the President of the IF being its Chairman.” 


This was agreed to and John and Sharon White of NSW donated $5,000 towards the project with the Australian Anglo-Indian Benevolent Fund also pledging $5,000 towards the scheme. 


Gordon Maher & Denzil Bruce

Convenors - Symposium



Day 6 – Food Fair


The Food Fair, which was held at the Vasto Club, Balcatta, boasted 16 stalls many of which sold uniquely Anglo-Indian food.  Pantrass (Pan rolls), potato chops, chicken/beef kartis, meat patties and pork bhoonie and rice were some of these.  In addition, puris and dosais were cooked on the premises.  There was also a wide range of delectable Indian sweets and mouth watering mango lassi on sale.

Bernie Lyons provided the background music and throughout the evening free lucky dip prizes were handed out.  The evening maintained the friendly environment and relaxed atmosphere that had been established earlier in the week. It was a night where Anglo-Indians continued to enjoy good food, good music and each other’s company.


John Gasper & Errol James

Convenors - Food Fair



Day 7 – Fremantle Day


The Fremantle Day was absolutely lovely!  Delegates arrived in Fremantle and were given the opportunity to get priority service at Australia Post where they could send letters and postcards home stamped with the very special Reunion postmark!  


Delegates were then able to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of Fremantle at their leisure before enjoying a tour of the historic Fremantle Prison.


All in all the day was a wonderful opportunity to relax, take in the wonderful weather and enjoy with the many delegates that were participating on the day.


Natalie McCarthy

Convenor - Fremantle Day


Day 8  - Thanksgiving Service


The newly renovated and refurbished St. Mary’s Cathedral Perth, WA, was the place for prayer and worship to the start of Day 8 - Reunion VIII – 2010. The bright sunshine filtering through the tinted glass windows bathed the whole Cathedral in a golden light that was so conducive to prayer and was symbolic of the Lord with our Guardian Angels bathing us in their glory.


The Principal Celebrants for the day’s service were Monsignor Michael Keating and the  Rt. Rev.  Bishop Brian Kyme assisted by Fr. Giosue Marini and Rev. Patrick Speed.


Every endeavour was made for the Service to reflect who we are as a community and to thank God for his many blessings and ask for the grace and strength to continue to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters in India.



The entire Service was one of symbolism earmarked by the following:

·         An opening procession led by delegates carrying flags from the countries of Anglo-Indian birth and migration, symbolised that we were praying for Anglo-Indians the world over. The flags represented India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

·         Our opening hymn ‘Here I am Lord’ symbolised the offering of ourselves in work and prayer for the less fortunate not only in our country, but around the world.   

·          Prayers of Intercession led by the host President – Mr. Gordon Maher, joined all in praying for the needs of our Community wherever they were. 

·         The Prayer of the People said in one voice further emphasized the theme of Reunion VIII

 We are one family” each desirous to serve the Community at large.

·         The Blessing of the Scrolls and distribution to delegates to take home and spread the message in a spirit of active participation, with emphasis on the fact that wherever we may be – we are never forgotten.

Lastly, the issue of a bookmark Prayer Card to all present would help to continue to pray and remember the commitment we made on Day 8 of the VIII World Anglo-Indian Reunion 2010 at St. Mary’s Cathedral on 2nd October, Feast of the Guardian Angel. 


Denzil Bruce & Linda D’Cruz

Convenor & Coordinator

Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service

Day 8 – Gala Ball


The Gala Ball was a perfect finale to a fantastic, friendly and successful week of celebrations for the VIII World Anglo-Indian Reunion held in Perth 2010.


The guests were treated to a night of extravagant entertainment.  As our guests arrived they had their photographs taken by professional photographers and these photographs were later presented in a folder frame to them as a gift from us.  They walked up the red carpet and up to the next level and enjoyed pre-dinner drinks in the foyer while catching up with friends. 

The doors to the Ballroom then opened when people walked into the Ballroom which displayed exquisitely set tables along with changing delicate coloured spot lights from above directed onto the tables and seeing themselves on large screens as they entered the Ballroom. 

The venue overlooked the beautiful City of Perth with the Swan River running alongside with its tour boats cruising the river.  There was a balcony attached to the Ballroom where people were able to enjoy the views.


People enjoyed the night with free beer, top quality wine and soft drinks. 


There was table service, the meal delicious and very efficiently organised.


I received a comment at the end of the evening that they thought they would get silver service but “got gold”.  I wish to thank the performers who were very well received by everyone.


Cornel White

Convenor - Gala Ball


Reunion Photos


Click on the link to view the Reunion photos!  The albums are available for viewing on our Facebook page.  You don't have to have a Facebook profile to access these - so feel free to have a look!